Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Premiering TIA

"What do a Broadway-or-bust diva, an avant-garde performance artist, a dancer starting too late, and a hapless jack of all trades have in common? Find out in the new webseries, 
This Is Art, a satirical love letter to the postgraduate misadventures of undiscovered artists living in NYC."

THIS IS ART is a comedy created by and starring my best friend Emily Floyd, who has been mentioned on the blog several times, and myself. We just premiered in partnership with Comedy and we'd love for you to tune in and watch! The first two episodes are out and available for viewing with a new episode airing every two weeks afterwards. 

In 2011, we did an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the show and exceeded our $6000 goal by over $1000. We successfully crowdfunded our entire first season and dove headfirst into production. After a whirlwind ten day shoot, we started a bumpy post production period that lasted years as we worked to complete what equated to a full length feature film, requiring the talents of industry professionals willing to work for way below their typical pay grade.

This is also a wonderful look back in time to a older version of myself. I'm no less proud of my performance and all the hard work I put into this show but this was a pre- Project Reroll Anne. I hardly recognize that girl when I see her on screen and I am so grateful that I've been able to pursue performance more vigorously since getting serious about personal health. I'd love to bring my new self, experiences, and physique to a new season of THIS IS ART.

If our audience for the first season is good, we may get an order from Broadway World to make more seasons of the show. Please watch and consider supporting us by sharing on your social media pages.

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