Thursday, October 30, 2014

End of First Week and Back to Hu Kitchen


Espresso with Almond Milk and Stevia
Mixed Berry Smoothie

Espresso with Almond Milk and Stevia

Sweet Potato
Paleo Key Lime Bar (seriously wish I had the recipe. I checked the ingredients and they alllll checked out. It was EXQUISITE.)

I definitely feel the switch of my body from burning carbs as a primary source of energy to burning protein first, but ultimately I know it will pass. In the next few days I know my body will balance itself out. I made the mistake (in my exhaustion after a long work day last night) of not buying groceries on my way home. When I woke up on my day off this morning at 11, my body was screaming for food and when I rose to appease it, I felt super faint and weak. There wasn't time to go to the store and THEN cook. I actually didn't know if I could make it. So, I whipped up the bits and pieces of what I did have. It was strange, but it was definitely food. 

Honestly what's getting to me most right now is all the constant cooking and washing of dishes. Of course, I pre-cook some things. I mean, it's totally necessary and I need to suck it up, but ugh. I'm thinking about making up a huge vat of Paleo chili this Sunday so that I can just reheat things for dinner for a few days instead of having to make part of all of a meal each time. Tonight I went to Hu Kitchen so that I wouldn't have to deal with cooking. I had some amazing paleo meatloaf, broccoli, and sweet potato with a Paleo key lime bar. I also picked up some Paleo chocolate bars to review on the blog in the future. This place is so expensive but it was worth it to me and I always find it delicious. I wrote a review a while ago and every time I go back, I love it more.

I also did some research on Paleo cleared alcoholic beverages that I'll share with you tomorrow to celebrate Halloween. I'm headed to a party where I'll probably be a casual Leia, via my hoodie, or a casual Ewok via my new hat and gloves. What I can officially say is that I found some Pumpkin Apple Cider that meets the Paleo guidelines, so that is definitely happening. 

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