Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Log

Happy Halloween, Slayers! I had a really laid back celebration with friends this year. I actually managed to avoid all treats aside from Paleo approved alcohol. I had brought chocolate from Hu Kitchen with me but didn't eat any. I thought about it at the end of the evening but I honestly didn't really feel like eating it, so huzzah! We basically dressed up, ate some delicious food (my friend Emily was such a thoughtful hostess and made sure there was plenty for me to eat), and watched an episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journey. It was super fun and I feel pretty good about my choices, so yay.

One weird thing did happen though. When I was eating my egg, veggie, and bacon bowl in the morning, I honestly almost vomited. I'm not sure why. I eat that all the time but for some reason it just stuck in my throat. It might be that I didn't feel that hungry but was trying to get most of my nutrition in during one sitting because I wasn't sure what would happen the rest of the day. I ended up dumping about half of the bowl because I couldn't stomach any more at the time- something I definitely regretted around 1PM when I couldn't really eat at work yet. Has anyone had this experience before?

Eggs, bacon, onion, pepper.
Espresso, almond milk, stevia


Dried mango
Diced tomato

Hard Apple Cider
Hard Pumpkin Cider

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  1. I have this issue with what my go-to lunch. My only thought is that because I eat it so much it's my body/brain's way of telling me to eat something different.