Monday, April 15, 2013

My Big Damn Hero Challenge

It's Monday April 15th and that means it's the beginning of a new Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge! After the success I had with the last one, I'm ready to attack a new set of goals head on and continue to level up my life! You have until Wednesday April 17th to create your goals and post them in the guild thread you want to participate in for the challenge, so I highly recommend biting the bullet and joining the rebellion if you're not already a part of it! 

Last challenge, I gave my challenge a Rainbow Dash theme because I was preparing cosplay as her for PAX East. This time, I'll be using the ladies from Joss Whedon's Firefly to inspire my goals! Note: All artwork by Megan Lara.

Starting Stats:

Hearthsinger the Wandering Bard
Level 2 Halfling Ranger
STR 4 | DEX 3 | STA 7 | CON 5 | WIS 6 | CHA 4

Starting Photos:

Starting Weight: 151.4 lbs.
Starting Measurements:
Bust: 36.25"
Waist: 36.5"
Hips: 42"
Thigh: 20.75"
Calves: 15.5"
Bicep: 12.25"

Fitness/Diet goals:

  • "I need you up in the engine room figurin' out what caused this." ~Malcolm Reynolds 
    • I'll use all the tech at my disposal to maximize the efficiency of my workouts and the effectiveness of my diet plan
      • I'll log every meal I eat on Fitbit.
      • I must meet my -1000 calorie deficit at least 6/7 days a week while still eating EVERYTHING I'm supposed to on my diet plan so I can stay on track with my weight loss. 
        • No more starving myself to meet the deficit is allowed. I must consume at least 1100 calories every "day of rest." On active/working days, I must consume 1250-1350. 
    • Reward: CON +4
  • "You ever been with a warrior woman?" ~Wash
    • Time to get more serious about my strength training with. Daily Yoga
      • 20-30 minutes/day including vinyasa series and warrior dance to warm up the body, followed by focused work on the following three poses. 
        • Hold crow for 10 seconds (right now I can just barely get both feet off the floor for a few seconds)
        • Wheel for 10 seconds (I've gotten up into it one time, but mostly only make it to the top of my head)
        • Hold shoulder stand for 10 minutes by the end of the challenge (right now my PR is four minutes). 
    • Reward: STR +3, DEX +2
  • "No power in the 'verse can stop me." ~River Tam
    • I have graduated from the Zombies, Run 5K Training app so it's time to start doing 3 missions a week with the regular Zombies, Run app
      • By the end of the challenge, I'd like to go from my 5k PR of: 33 min down to 30 min. 
    • Reward: STA +3
Life Goal:
  • "Should I start with the part where you're stranded in the middle of nowhere or the part where you have no clothes?" ~Inara Serra
    • I'm running out of clothes that fit properly again and I don't have a lot of money, so it's time to get resourceful and list all my old designer clothes, shoes, and sundry items that no longer fit or are no longer wanted for sale on ebay. 
      • They do not have to be sold by the end of the challenge, but all of the items have to be collected, organized, photographed, and listed by the end of six weeks. 
      • I can use the proceeds to replenish my dwindling wardrobe! 
    • Reward: CHA +3
So there you have it! In six weeks, I'll post a follow up on the blog to let you know how I did!


  1. 1. I love that you can you distill your goals so well! I envy that and is something I struggle with.
    2. Your friend's artwork is so amazing - I love it!

    1. Goals are tough. I've been toying with writing a post about how to set good ones, but there are already so many out there on the internet! Haha! The artwork that Megan Lara does is great. She's not my friend though! Hehe. Not in a bad way, that sounded wrong. I just mean that I'm a huge fan and I love how she draws/portrays characters. I own a lot of tshirts with her art on them. She's working on a Katniss one and I CANNOT WAIT to see it!

  2. This is the first I've heard of Nerd Fitness, but the concept seems really cool! I love that you're using firefly as motivation-- every single one of those girls are complete bosses and the artwork you picked is super pretty.
    Good Luck!

    1. It's a really wonderful and supportive community. Definitely check it out if you get the chance! Thanks for reading! <3