Thursday, June 20, 2013

The 20k: Challenge Accepted

A week ago I did something crazy and I asked my readers via Facebook and Twitter what I should do should I receive the immeasurable honor of getting 20,000 unique views on the blog. This happened.

It was all fun an games until you guys were crazy enough to keep reading this darn blog! Last week I I did pass 20k unique views on the page and then I was at an impasse. Should I accept the challenge? If I did, would I even be capable of completing it? 

Honestly, it seemed like a terrible and possibly dangerous idea at first, but I'm not one to back down from a challenge and the gauntlet had been thrown down pretty publicly and definitively. 

The most I've ever run is just under five miles. I didn't feel like I had to stop at the end of that, I was just under time constraints and at my current speed, that was about a 45 minute workout. This challenge will be a serious event. I've done a little research into it just to make sure I'm not agreeing to something that will kill me and I'm fairly confident that if I don't worry about speed, but just worry about continuing to jog/run without stopping, that I'll make it through relatively unscathed. 

I'm not one for signing up for actual running events. I'm not competitive with anyone but myself. I can measure and track my distance on my phone. Plus, I don't really see the point in spending money to enter an event and run. Obviously, there are some great fundraising events out there and that's wonderful. I just don't have a lot of money to burn and if I'm going to raise money for something, it's probably going to be a creative venture. I have a lot of friends who love these things and maybe one day I'll sign up for one, but for now I'm really way happier just doing my own thing.

So that creates an issue. If a runner runs a 20k to escape from zombies without any witnesses, does it count? Well, dear readers, if I'm going to run this thing, I sure as hell want it to count! That's why I'm employing the help of my father to film the whole thing and coach/antagonize me for your amusement. He'll be either biking a driving along with me (we're not sure which yet!). The details are going to be worked out when we get to North Carolina for our yearly family reunion and I'll be running the 20k sometime midweek. 

So yeah! Look what you made me do, people! I'm really nervous, but I'm excited to complete the task and on an emotional level, I could really use some "achievement unlocked" endorphins to encourage me to stay on track. Ugh. This is going to suck in the best way. Once I have the video edited, I'll put it up on the blog for you guys to enjoy! 

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