Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Return Journey

Good morning. As I prepare to start my journey of Project ReRoll I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the goals I’m setting out with and how I’m mapping out my quest to ReRoll my body.

I got on the scale today, to see where I was since I weighed myself last week when I wrote my answers to the interview that was the post yesterday. I had to step off and on the scale a few times, but when I realized the number was what it was…I stopped. I had gone up in weight. Stress of the weekend, not paying attention to what was going in, and realizing how much five days can change the dial on the scale has me more sure than ever than starting this quest, and sharing it with you, was the best thing I can do.

So, dear reader, every good quest starts with a goal. My goal is to begin, what I am dubbing, my 31 day challenge. For the month of August I am going to be working towards beginning a routine that will begin the transition from being round in the belly to an over all healthier me.

For diet I am going to do a juicing/paleo mix. Starting the first four days of the month weaning off of soda, fast food, and such by eating raw fruits and veggies. It will help transition my body, because on August 5th I will begin a juice fast that will last a minimum of 10 days. If I feel good with it, I’m going to continue and then blend in the paleo diet as I learn more about it and share that knowledge with you.

For exercise, I am going to start with doing the 30 Day Ab and 30 Day Arm work out. Each work out starts with four simple exercises you can do, without needing a gym membership, that increase each day ending with you doing, at least, 100 more reps of each exercise than the day you started. I addition to that I am going to increase the 1.5 mile walk to and from work I already do to include jogging so by the end of the challenge I am running the 1.5 miles home.

If you wanted to play along at home, I’m going to be using a few apps, that you can find as well, to help gamify my time as well. I’m going to be using the app “EpicWin” to  make tracking the work outs as much fun as RPG gaming with its leveling and rewards. I am also going to be using the app “Zombies, Run!” to track the transition from walking to running.

I wanted these goals and actions to be measurable and easy. By the end there is a quest map for you to follow if you wanted to make your own change in life.

And, like all good quests, it comes with some big obstacles. Over this month I’m attending no less than three conventions away from home. This means part of my weight loss will be, for at least 9 or 31 days, will be deep in the heart of every temptation that could set me off my path. I’m not going to these just to attend, I’m going to promote a film that’s still in the works and it’s a stressful time that can cause me to revert back to what’s easy with things like fast food, sleeping longer instead of working out, stress, and tons of alcohol.  I can share with you how you too can fit working out and being a healthier you into all aspects of your geek/nerd life just like Anne has.

As I’m going to be checking in with you once a week, these posts will be more like mini journals plotting out what I’ve done, how I feel, and what changes I’m seeing. I want to be as honest and accountable with you as I can.

Thank you for joining me on this quest to reroll my body, health, and mind. I hope this inspires you to make the changes you’ve been putting off the way that Anne has inspired me.

Mike Dougherty


  1. I hope you LOVE Zombies Run as much as I do becaaaaaaaaaaaause I love it. Any reason you chose to jump right into the regular app? The 5k trainer has "walk-to-run" training built in whereas there's not really a structure to the regular app. Just a thought! Either way, it's super entertaining. I can't wait to see how you do with your diet! I have been STRUGGLING with paleo myself. I love it, but it can feel like a lot of work. All I know is that I can't deny the results and that I feel GREAT when I stick to it. I gotta get back on the wagon!

    1. I came here to ask the same thing! I am doing the Zombies Run! 5K program right now, and I LOVE it. I am completely NOT a runner, but this app is making it really brainless for me to just do what they tell me, and I am surprising the crap out of myself!!

    2. Honestly I didn't know the 5K trainer app existed till I started finding the images for this post. I'm interested to check it out, but I've grown to love the story in the original app. Do they have that in the 5K version

    3. The 5k app is the prequel to the story you get in the regular one. It's meant to build you up to that. It takes place after you arrive at the base (basically between the first and second runs on the regular app). It goes into your training as a runner for Abel and you get insight into the characters you interact with during season one and two.

  2. Good luck and will be thinking good thoughts for you !!!

  3. What are the exercises in the workouts? So we can play along at home with those too :P