Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Had a great time today, but of course my diet suffered a little bit since it was a special visit to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. I'm going to honestly list what I had. No, it's not all Paleo, not even a little, but I certainly didn't go hog wild or anything. It was easy enough to keep from eating, but I swear to god, I HAD TO BUY HOT BEVERAGES TO WARM MY HANDS. Guys it was so cold. I should have taken pictures of our group, but I only captured a few parts of my adventures. I wore my Sandlar Huntress, which I've linked on here before. It should be in my after pictures. I did wear a long sleeved shirt underneath cause HOLY GOD. But guys, I froze near to death. I really thought it was the end. My nipples were trying to cut their way out of my bodice by the end of the day. As far as the day went though it was entertaining. Lots of walking through tents selling various crafts, which I encouraged my friends to purchase. We also got to see my fellow cast members and friends from the New York Renaissance Faire perform with the Vixens en Garde and they were fantastic as always. We followed them to the improvised "Mayor's Show" where through some fault of my own, I ended up inspiring Hypolita (played by my friend Emily) to do a burpee exhibition. Initially I was asked to join in and show the people of 1514 what burpees were, but then Joe, Emily's husband, chivalrously saved me from having to do them in my garb. The results were both hilarious and impressive as Hypolita owned the challenge, despite being confined and restricted in movement by her corset. What else would you expect from an Amazon Queen?

We also checked out the Lords of Adventure, another comedy stage combat show that I found really entertaining. The surprise hit of the day was Cirque de Sewer- YES- a rat circus where the rats were named things like E coli and Polyp. I CAN'T TAKE IT. It was surprisingly adorable and I was shrieking like a small child almost the entire time. I tried to take pictures of the rats at the end, but it was a wash because they were super excited about their red carpet moment and climbed on my arm. So, instead I decided to put down the camera and just enjoy the raw ratty experience. I also checked out what seems like a pretty awesome LARPING group. It might be a nice way to get away from the city and enjoy myself/make new friends. I need to broaden my horizons and meet new people, so I'll let you all know more if my research comes to anything. We ended the day at Cracker Barrel, but honestly, that was probably one of my most healthy choices of the day. So tired... must. Sleep.

Hand full of Cashews and dried Mango
Tea with Stevia and Almond Milk

Chicken on a Stick
Steak on a Stick

Hard Cider
Apple Cider
A few bites of a friend's brownie/icecream treat
Hot Chocolate
Fried Twinkie

Chicken with apple/BBQ glaze
Sweet Potato

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  1. LARP is a lot of fun :) never done it in freezing cold though. Where I live in Australia it just tends toward baking heat!